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Approaching Ending (Yaxınlaşan Sonluq)

It began on the 11th of March and enlarged day by day. IT’ll continue enlarging till the end. On the 2nd of April Baku was shaken. The epicentre of that earthquake was big .It was so big that, it was screened by  “TV Channels”.
Once more, we witnessed , our police always to be ready to show their power to people. “MASHALLAH”  We have no words to say. Just Bravo!’ That day Baku become the city of piquets. This time the opposition showed its position from the best side. 5 thousand people participating at this piquet caused reviving the voice of people which was ceased. It showed the wish of the notion. AT the same time authority held a self-confident piquet showing that is isnt behind than opposition. Saying held selff-confident we want to say the attracted some youth making them tempt. Those were young men having absent marks, academic tails, even some of them were warned to be dismissed from university. It seems to be their last variant. In the 2nd April’s evening such a status was written on the page named “Azerbaijan” having 74min subscribers in facebook “What the difference do you see between the opposition and armenians”. We dont see one of them is the enemy , another is the enemy who cheers the enemies up. “Slaves” bought by the money. Most of them having friends from Armenian goverment on facebook.  From here we call they must be arristed on betray to the motherland. While opening the comment it is seen that only 4 of them remained others have been deleted. They must have do so at the selection.
  I can do only it in such situations.  “I am applauding you”
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